Image of a pig with the text "New Beginnings" along the bottom.

New Beginnings

‘New Beginnings’- Yep, a bit chiche for January but what better time. Recently on social media we have been trying to share more and more information about Regenerative agriculture and why we think ‘Regenuary’ as attainable for all. But remember small steps are better than nothing, start where you’re at and where you have space. Change is hard there is no doubt about it, but in January somehow it seems everyone is a little out of their comfort zone, so why not try it with us. What do we mean ‘Regenuary? We mean source local regenerative meats and other food products. Make this your goal for the month of January. We all want to do our bit for the planet and by firstly buying local you reduce airmiles on your food and secondly buying from farmers who work with nature to build the soil as they go. More information about this on our website too. As farmers we find ourselves with this incredible opportunity to steward the land to provide for our customers, who we are getting to know so well. 

So, what is it like on a regenerative farm at this time of year?

It is obviously winter at the moment so not much growth from the soil, we have the sheep still out on pasture, they are not as densely populated on the ground at this time of year due to the wet conditions and they are moved every couple of days. That keeps them happy, oh also I haven’t mentioned out newest member Rocky the Sheepdog. He is settling in really well, Shay says ‘It’s all about the confidence’… so we haven’t introduced Rocky to the sheep yet so he doesn’t get overwhelmed and become fearful of them. For the meantime, Chip is a great big brother, I don’t think he realises Rocky is there most of the time. But back to the grazing animals in question… some of the cows remain outdoors getting bales of hay to supplement their diets due to lack of grass and some are in the shed again on a diet of hay we harvested in the summer.  The pigs are in a more sheltered area of the field where they spend most of their day snoozing under whin bushes, we are expecting a litter of piglets any day now from our Magalitza sow, Molly, she is a great mother and they will be hardly little things so all should be well. Elsewhere, surprisingly the ducks continue to lay well for this time of year and we have these fresh pasture raised duck eggs available for sale. Now that the nights are finally getting shorter it feels right to be planning for summer etc. Shay informed me today that we can plant garlic in January, so that will be exciting. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with green fingers but Shay isn’t so bad.  

What can you expect from us throughout Regenuary? If you like to and are willing to learn, more Instagram content of regenerative agriculture, more accessible produce on the website and for those of you who like to get cooking some wholesome recipes and tips for your family to think regeneratively this month.  

What might a regenerative January look like in your family? 

Get prepared with your cooking, make a weekly meal plan set yourself goals e.g. 2 meals this week will be cooked from scratch with raw locally sourced produce. 

Encourage friends and family, if you learn a new cooking tip or recipe, share it! It’s definitely easier when we are in this together. 

My top tip, and I know I have an advantage because I can walk into mine but, become acquainted with your freezer. Stock it full when you get the chance, use it to store left overs for lunches next week or for part of your meat order this month. We have gotten into a really good habit of planning the day before what we would eat then next day to make sure it will be defrosted. 

Please fire any questions our way… #KnowYourFarmer

Happy New Year,


The Farm Favourites

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Cumberland Sausage


Image of a Pasture Raised Chicken Crown

Pasture Raised Chicken Crown.


Image of a dog eating raw pet food.

Raw Pet Food


An image for the Father's day BBQ box, which includes: Heritate Pork Sausages, of which there are - 6 x Original Pork 6 x Caramelised Onion 6 x Pork and Apple as well as: 4 x Grass Fed Beef Burgers

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Grass Finished Lamb Mince

Beef Heart


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Image of grass-fed beef - Salmon cut roast.

Grass Fed Beef – Silverside


Grass Fed Beef – Flat Iron Steaks


Grass Fed Beef – Frying Steaks


An image of rump steaks

Grass Fed Beef – Rump Steaks


Pasture Chicken Eggs


Pasture Duck Eggs


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Low Fat Grass Fed Beef Sausages


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An image of sirloin steaks.

Grass Fed Beef – Sirloin Steaks


Grass Fed Beef – Topside Roast

Image showing Grass Fed Beef - Mince Steak

Grass Fed Beef – Mince Steak (500g – 1Kg)


Image of a pasture raised whole chicken

Pasture Raised Whole Chicken


An image of Heritage pork Christmas gammon.

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An image of a 6 pack of caramelised onion heritage pork sausages

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