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Blog #2 Where would we be without family?

So I have been thinking a lot about traditions and family recently. The way we raise our animals is something of a twist on tradition. We are able to keep them outdoors all of their lives with the help of technology such as the electric fence. But recently I’ve been reading a book called Nourishing Traditions and it’s got me thinking, not only can knowledge of our heritage bring us nourishment in nutrient dense food but also nourishment for our connection to nature. Animals raised outdoors are connected to the soil. I feel for me this strengthens my connection to the soil and our roots/tradition. 

We had the pleasure of welcoming my great uncle Moore back to the farm with a warm hand shake. He has a wealth of knowledge about agriculture and of course our farm , where he grew up. He shared stories with us about the pigs reared here when he was young and about the hedge of plumb trees along the back end of the field where the pigs are, which are currently FULL of fruit! However, he was not able to shed light on the name ‘Tury’ that my dad remembers my grandfather using for pigs. My dad still likes to ask me everyday; ‘have you been up with the Tury’s yet?’ 

At this time of year the apple trees, famous where Shay lives on the border of Co. Armagh, are full of apples and of course the pigs get the ones that we can’t use. I notice the hedgerows are full of blackberries and sloes.  I hope to make Sloe Gin ready in time for Christmas. We picked some blackberries for the recipe SPECIAL this month, but as a side note on, traditions, we learned that an old folk tale mentions that it is bad luck to pick blackberries after the 11thSeptember. So, maybe, a heads up if you don’t want cursed.  

Also, an ancient Jewish tradition advises to eat whole fish, apples and honey at this time of year.  This is the first year we have sought out truly local honey and wow it is incredible. Ancient traditions use honey as medicine to treat many ailments.  And did you know honey will never go off, if it crystalises you can still eat it and get benefits from it. We hope to produce our own honey this time next year so keep an eye out for this. 

I know we all have those late might amazon purchases, well a recent one of mine was a calendar to show sowing and harvesting dates for vegetables. So, guided by this I have planted some spring onions, or as granny would call them, scallions. We have been thinking about starting a vegetable patch for a lifetime but I think for now starting small is best. Again, with family’s help, as I am not at home every day, tending to the scallions will need the help from mum.  

One of the very important chores on the farm at the minute is moving the chickens, because they are getting big they need moved twice a day. Shay’s dad is amazing for helping us do this and make sure they have enough water in this heat. The chickens will be ready for sale in two week’s time. The recipe I have included needs chicken stock. There is no better source of chicken stock than from regeneratively pasture raised chicken bones. So, as a bonus for our subscribers I have included my favourite recipe for chicken stock. For anyone that is interested, this stuff will keep you YOUNG, packed full of bioavailable collagen, it is seriously powerful. This ingredient is not only nutrient dense but also has the nature connection; the benefits the chicken has on improving biodiversity and health of the soil transfers through it’s meat and stock. 

I really hope you like the recipes. Also, I couldn’t mention my great uncle Moore without quoting his recently written poem following his visit back to Ballymagarry. 

The deal

The bacon we eat, that we find such a treat, 

Reluctantly, comes from the pig.

Our part of the deal, 

To provide tasty meal.

If not, for their food they must dig. 

Their houses are warm, well protected from storm. 

They lie round or sleep as they please.

No penny to pay

For two square meals a day. 

A life blessed with comfort and ease. 

At best bacon weight, sudden death is their fate, 

And all their protests are in vain, 

But though they may squeal

They are spared by this dealOld age, with it’s lingering pain. 

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