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Inspirational NI couple in farm business focused on healthy food

Co Antrim farming couple Shay and Susan O’Neill have created an innovative and increasingly successful food business that’s focused on high-quality products from a commitment to soil health, nature-friendly farming and working in harmony with the environment.

Seaview Farms, the small company, near Bushmills, they formed on the back of their interest in what has become known as regenerative agriculture, has already launched premium quality foods such as beef, pork and nitrite-free bacon, pasture raised chicken and grass-fed beef and lamb to widespread acclaim.

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The Farm Favourites

Pork & Apple Sausages – 6 Pack


Honey Roast Pork Sausages – 6 Pack


Cumberland Sausage


Image of a Pasture Raised Chicken Crown

Pasture Raised Chicken Crown.


Image of a dog eating raw pet food.

Raw Pet Food


An image for the Father's day BBQ box, which includes: Heritate Pork Sausages, of which there are - 6 x Original Pork 6 x Caramelised Onion 6 x Pork and Apple as well as: 4 x Grass Fed Beef Burgers

Fathers Day BBQ Box


An image detailing the Breakfast Bundle at £19.99 Includes: 3 x Seaview Sausages 1 x Caramelised Onion 1 x Pork and apple 2 x Packs of our Nitrate Free Back Bacon

Seaview Breakfast Bundle


A Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers


Image showing Grass Fed Beef - Mince Steak

Grass Finished Lamb Mince

Beef Heart


Beef Liver


Image of a Whole Organic Turkey

Whole Turkey (Pre Order)


Image of an XL Christmas Whole Chicken.

XL Christmas Whole Chicken (Pre Order)


Greek Style Yoghurt


Black Angus Beef Sausages – 6Pk

Nitrate Free Unsmoked Streaky Bacon – 250g


Heritage Pork Sausages – Black Pudding 6pk


Image of a plain 6 pack of heritage pork sausages.

Heritage Pork Sausages – Plain 6pk


Heritage Pork – Baby Back Ribs


Heritage Pork – Coppa


Heritage Pork – Sirloin Steak


Heritage Pork – Steak Chops


Grass Fed Beef Sausages (Jalapeño and Cheese)


Grass Fed Beef Sausages (Italian)


Grass Fed Beef Sausages (Ragin Bull)


Grass Fed Beef – Prime Rib


Grass Fed Beef – Pot Roast


Grass Fed Beef – Brisket


Grass Fed Beef – Rump Cap


Grass Fed Beef – Picanha


Image of grass-fed beef - Salmon cut roast.

Grass Fed Beef – Silverside


Grass Fed Beef – Flat Iron Steaks


Grass Fed Beef – Frying Steaks


An image of rump steaks

Grass Fed Beef – Rump Steaks


Pasture Chicken Eggs


Pasture Duck Eggs


An image of low fat grass fed beef sausages.

Low Fat Grass Fed Beef Sausages


Grass Fed Braising Steak


Grass Fed Chuck Eye Steak


Grass Fed Rack of Lamb


Grass Fed Lamb Shoulder


Grass Fed Lamb Chops, 2 Pack


Grass Fed Leg of Lamb


Grass Fed Beef – Ribeye Steak


Grass Fed Beef – Burgers


Grass Fed Beef – Tri Tip Beef


Grass Fed Beef – Steak Pieces (500g – 1Kg)


Grass Fed Beef – Salmon Cut Roast


Grass Fed Beef – Fillet Steak


An image of a 6 pack of caramelised onion heritage pork sausages

Heritage Pork – Cocktail Sausages


An image of sirloin steaks.

Grass Fed Beef – Sirloin Steaks


Grass Fed Beef – Topside Roast

Image showing Grass Fed Beef - Mince Steak

Grass Fed Beef – Mince Steak (500g – 1Kg)


Image of a pasture raised whole chicken

Pasture Raised Whole Chicken


An image of Heritage pork Christmas gammon.

*Pre-Order* Heritage Pork Christmas Gammon

Nitrate Free Hardwood Smoked Back Bacon – 200g


An image of a 6 pack of caramelised onion heritage pork sausages

Heritage Pork Sausages – Caramelised Onion 6pk


Heritage – Pork Short Ribs


Nitrate Free Smoked Streaky Bacon 250g


Heritage Pork – Shoulder (Boneless)

Heritage Pork – Tomahawk Chops 2pk


Heritage Pork Sausages – Local Whiskey 6pk


Nitrate Free Unsmoked Back Bacon – 250g


Heritage Pork – Fillet


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