Nitrate Free Smoked Streaky Bacon 250g

At Seaview farms our Pigs are outdoors all their lives, free to root and dig in the soil until their hearts content.

We Move or pigs into a fresh paddock every few weeks so they don’t disturb the soil too much we like it just right so we can plant our cover crops into for our sheep to graze.

Our pigs munch on a huge range of goodies, they love chewing on the turnups and the radishes that the sheep and goats leave behind, as well as the bug and grubs that they work all day at rooting up.

This is why our pork is so good, the sweet fat and the dark rich meat are what you get when you care for and raise pigs the right way.

Our Streaky Bacon is made using the finest cuts of our Berkshire Pork belly cured with only salt and sugar. This simple process lets the pork shine.

Never Ever any Nitrates, Phosphates or anything else artificial, that’s our promise.


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