Our Story

When Shay and Susan stumbled across regenerative agriculture, it all made so much sense. The basic principles are often against the grain of the conventional farming methods they were used to. However, once they understood the power of nature, and her ability to grow and heal herself, it all made sense. Limiting the need for pesticides, fertilizers and any other artificial inputs now redundant, is a huge bonus.

Their ability to stick to what they believe in has enabled them to become one of the first regenerative farms in Northern Ireland.

An image of a pig
Picture of Shay holding a pig.

Shay O’Neill

Using creative troubleshooting skills in a different light, Shay runs the day to day farming operations with the main focus on producing a premium grass-fed & pasture raised product without any shortcuts. He is the feed man, the livestock hauler, the meat-picker-upper, fence builder and handy-man of the farm. (and professional YouTuber and Googler).

From a young age Shay knew he would be involved in agriculture, it was only a matter of time until he made his way back. Studying Law at the University of Stirling in Scotland allowed Shay to put the skills of hard work and determination he learned on the farm into practice, however his time away from the farm only increased his desire to return. As they say, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

Susan Chestnutt

Equipped with the knowledge of her healthcare experience, Susan’s focus is to be on the forefront of the health journey by educating and engaging with consumers to provide as much  knowledge as possible to empower the customers to make informed decisions, specifically when it comes to grass-fed and pasture raised meats, their impact on human health and environmental health – enjoying sharing the beautiful story of regenerative agriculture through the Seaview Farm platform. (And still trying to get Shay to laugh at her jokes).

Susan grew up adamant that she would not live on a farm believing ‘life would be easier’… but in hindsight it would be boring. Susan too returned to the farm after studying Occupational Therapy BSc Hons at Coventry University, England and Human Animal Interaction MSc at University of Stirling, Scotland. Through moving away from home and working with the public in many different environments she learnt that the public have a very strong emotional connection with the food they eat and this in turn has an impact on their health. Growing up on a farm she took for granted the knowledge and interactions she had with animals and ultimately her food source. Having a keen interest in human development, the impact on the environment and people’s lives, her two worlds merged making way for regenerative agriculture.

Susan and Shay met at the Royal Highland Show in 2015 and since then farming has been a central part of their lives. Both coming from a dairy farming background has taught them to understand the value of hard work.

Picture of Susan tending to some pigs
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