Using our online shop you can browse the products we have available and place your order online. Alternatively you can call us on 07519490527 to place an order.

Orders placed by 11am can be delivered the next day. Please be mindful that busy periods and holidays may affect next day deliveries.  

Online this is not currently possible at present. However, you can call us on 07519490527. Any order can be amended 3 days before selected delivery date.

After an order has been placed you can contact us on 07519490527 or email info@seaviewfarm.co.uk to make any amendments including updating delivery address. 

Yes we are able to accept special requests for bespoke cuts. We ask that you give us 3 week notice before your requested delivery date. A minimum order amount of £50 will apply.

We are always working to replenish our stock. However, there are products that are incredibly popular and do sell out fast.  If a product has been out of stock for longer than 2 weeks. please contact us on 07519490527 or email info@seaviewfarm.co.uk

Please contact us on 07519490527 or email info@seaviewfarm.co.uk  

We do have a subscription service, you can sign up for 3 monthly subscriptions or 6 monthly subscriptions of our sausages or Brunch Pack, Winter Warmer or BBQ Bashers. Please find more info at:

Please contact us to cancel your order 4 working day before your selected delivery date on 07519490527 or email info@seaviewfarm.co.uk


Currently we are able to deliver across Northern Ireland.  Unfortunately, we’re not able to deliver to Mainland UK.

Standard Delivery £4.95

Next Day Delivery £7.95

We offer FREE Standard Delivery on orders over £100.

We do deliver ourselves in our new Green Machine’ you might have seen about. We will message you prior you delivery.  

We ask that you are there to receive your delivery from us to ensure it can be chilled.

We will let you know the delivery time within a 30 minute period, should you need any further information you can contact us on 07519490527 or email info@seaviewfarm.co.uk  


Via the online shop the payment will be taking at confirmation of your order.

On our online shop you can pay via all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay. PayPal payment is not accepted at the moment, apologies for any inconvenience.  

Through our online shop we do not retain your card details, however you may wish to store your details on our browser to use ‘autofill’ when your check out.

Payment through Apple Pay will store your details on that service.

Promotional Codes

We can only accept one discount code per order. Discount code can be valid for up to 6 months.


We deliver all our meat frozen ready for you to put straight into the freezer.

Yes, our meat is safe to defrost and refreeze.

You do not have to worry if your meat thaws during transportation, you can safely put it straight into your freezer.

Due to the careful practice we use when your meat is prepared and farmed ethically the levels of food spoilage bacteria is significantly reduced. Therefore, our meat is safer for you to prepare and cook with.

There is some narrative that one meat if thawed you are not able to re-freeze. While we would not recommend this with other meats, we are proud that this is one of the benefits of purchasing meat from Seaview Farms that’s it is safe to put back in the freezer to preserve so a little longer.  

Your meat will be able to be preserved in the freezer for at least 6 months.

Ingredients & Allergens

At the moment because we are a small farm, we do not provide the nutritional information of the Seaview Farms meats, this is something we are working towards in the future.

On the online shop each product listed will have information listed about all ingredients and any allergens (highlighted in bold).

Yes, it is nitrate free. We use a traditional farmhouse cure of salt and sugar only, along with natures preservative freezing allows us to remove chemicals.


At the moment this is not available. However, as we grow we hope to invite out community to visit the farm. Please feel free to checkout our videos on YouTube and Instagram of life on the farm. Ask any questions you wish. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear of up coming events.

Seaview farms is 45 acres of pasture, on the North Coast we have the pigs and near Shay’s home we have the cows and chicken working in harmony together to regenerate the ground.

Our Lamb and Beef are both 100% grass fed and finished, this combination of a flerd eat a variety of forage that meet all their nutritional needs naturally to help them thrive.

Our Pasture raised chickens moved to fresh pasture twice a day allowing them to eat all the bugs and stubs they desire. We also feed them cereals (wheat, barley and corn). We ensure the cereals are the highest quality we can source.  Our goal is to nourish them to help them grow but also to develop their digestive system, which is monogastric animals i.e. Chickens are unable to survive on grass alone. The feed we give them is packed with protein and nutrients that are bioavailable to them.  There are never ever any antibiotics or medications given to the animal that are produce for Seaview Farms. Our chickens grow slowly outdoors on this natural based diet, they are ethically reared.

All of our poultry are killed and processed individually at our farm by Shay. It is important to us to have humane slaughter processes and doing it on farm removes the trauma of transportation for the birds. We believe this also improved the quality of our meat. We are passionate about rearing our birds with care and we take the same care when slaughtering them, we carefully stun each bird before slaughter.

Our cattle and pigs are taken to the closest possible abattoir able to facilitate our request/ private kill. This is adhering to UK legislation. The distance the animal are taken is kept as short as possible to reduce stress and time in the trailer.  We are assured that the animals are stunned before slaughter.  

Our mission it to be complete transparent about out processes of where your food comes from so please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on 07519490527 or email info@seaviewfarm.co.uk 

Never ever and hormones of medications given to the meat produced for Seaview Farms.

Throughout the UK hormone use in animal production has been illegal since 1989. However, it is possible to import treated meat

Currently, the British Government are under pressure to lower standards that will allow the import of treated meat from Australia and USA, for example. So, in the future we could be faced with hormone treated meat on our shop shelves.  

If you Know Your Farmer you can have control over the hormones in your food.

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